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Episode 5


Produced & Directed by Jonathan Clay
Flightless parrots, burrowing bats, giant skinks and kangaroos in trees – on the isolated islands of the South Pacific, the wildlife has evolved in extraordinary ways. But island-living can carry a high price, for when new species arrive, all hell breaks loose; and there lies a puzzle: why do animals perfectly adapted to island life simply give up the ghost? The answer is revealed by the remarkable stories of some unlikely animals that survived on tiny islands off the coast of New Zealand. While the human history of the region is further evidence that, however idyllic it may appear, life on a South Pacific island may never be very far from catastrophe.

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Kite Fishing (02:21)
Camera: Jonathan Clay &
Richard Wollocombe
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Toka Festival (03:13)
Camera: Jonathan Clay
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Stephen's Island Wren (01:49)
Camera: Pete McCowen
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Episode 6


Produced & Directed by Jonathan Clay
For all its variety and abundance, the wildlife of the South Pacific has reached a critical moment in time. A crisis is developing in these waters that may be felt far and wide, for with over a billion people dependent on fish for food, and with 60% of the world’s fish catch coming from the Pacific, this ocean is not just home to a myriad fish and seabirds, it is vital for human welfare and food security too. From schooling sharks to gentle whales, from soaring albatross to the magnificent, and extremely valuable, tuna, this programme takes a fresh look at the wildlife of the South Pacific; it asks what is the true nature of the threat it’s facing, and reveals what is being done, and what we can do, to protect this ocean paradise.

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Tuvalu (00:58)
Camera: Jonathan Clay
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Pole & Line Fishing (03:42)
Camera: Richard Wollocombe
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Coral Gardening (03:30)
Camera: Richard Wollocombe